About FurBaby Pharms

Furbaby Pharms was built on a human’s love and compassion for animals. Animals are magic creatures that teach us daily about the depths of our souls.

FurBaby Pharms is committed to helping these precious guardians achieve their very best quality of life by providing natural foods and supplements, made with love and only the finest ingredients.

The signature Paw Shaped Dog Treats were created out of Nicki’s love of her furry companion and best friend, a Chinese Sharpei named Charli. Charli lived for 13 years and, as a pure-bred show dog, was riddled with medical complications.

When Nicki discovered CBD’s many benefits for animals, Charli was almost at the end of her life, and years of running and jumping and chasing iguanas through the jungle had caught up with her. She was stiff, sore, old, and pretty grumpy all of the time. Nicki tried her best to give Charli the very best of everything, but it was only when she started supplementing with CBD that she unlocked a whole new quality of life for her best friend.

After the introduction of CBD, all of a sudden Charli was happy. She could play with the other dogs, and let the humans hug her. She had more fun, she ate better, she slept better, and she snuggled longer. She fought less and whined less. She loved more. Charli’s life was changed.

After seeing how much Charli’s life was changed with the signature Paw Shaped Dog Treats, Nicki started to bake these treats for friends and family. As word of mouth and demand grew, FurBaby Pharms was born.

The Team

Nicki Foxx is the Founder and Head Baker of FurBabyPharms, a producer of Gourmet CBD Infused Pet Treats.

Nicki has spent her life working with medicinal plants in a clinical and therapeutic setting, and created a curriculum to help people use nature to improve their health.

Nicki believes her contribution to the world is to improve animals’ quality of life through the use of plant medicine. She has been studying health and nutrition for over 20 years, and has created several products with the use of adaptogenic plants and fungi. Nicki developed a line of high quality CBD infused treats and tinctures for dogs, cats and horses, providing relief to animals with chronic pain, inflammation and anxiety. The success of these products inspired Nicki to found FurBabyPharms, offering loving pet owners access to affordable, all natural, CBD infused treats and tinctures.

She continues to commit her life to the selfless service of animals, working with Horse Rescues and Equine Therapy organizations. She loves horses and wants to learn more about the ways in which they make our world more magical.

Francis Baczek, the Head Chef, brings decades of experience as a chef and in the medical hemp market. His focus has been developing brands to perfect dosing and provide accurate healthy medicine for several dispensaries with a focus on sustainability and automation in manufacturing and production.

Crystal Garland is our outsourced CFO. She holds a master’s degree in accounting and has over 20 years of experience in both accounting and finance, with a personal background in sales. She has spent her career in both public accounting and the corporate world; her specialty is start-ups because she is truly passionate about helping others achieve their dreams. With her dedication to our success, experience in retail and wholesale distribution, and knowledge of cost accounting, we will become more profitable every year.