About FurBaby Pharms

FurBaby Pharms LLC. develops, manufactures, and markets CBD pet treats. Our mission is to develop products that help increase the quality of life of pets, ultimately increasing the quality of life of their owners. We combine the highest quality CBD and natural gourmet recipes to create healthy treats that help alleviate a number of ailments in pets. FurBaby Pharms has created a unique line of gourmet handcrafted healthy CBD treats for our most beloved pets- cats, dogs and horses. FurBaby Pharms Pet Products are healthy and delicious for animals, delivering a high potency therapeutic dose of CBD in a tasty snack animals enjoy. These products have been formulated by an experienced cannabis chef after extensive research on animal health and consultation with an accredited veterinarian.

The Team

Nicki Foxx is the Creator and Founder of FurBaby Pharms. She has always believed that her contribution to the world is to improve health and quality of life through food for humans,as well as animals. She has been studying health and nutrition for over 20 years, worked directly with chemists as a lab technician for years to highlight and support the benefits of cannabis in her creations, but also that of hundreds of other adaptogenic plants.

Francis Baczek, the Head Chef, brings decades of experience as a chef and in the medical hemp market. His focus has been developing brands to perfect dosing and provide accurate healthy medicine for several dispensaries with a focus on sustainability and automation in manufacturing and production.

Crystal Garland is our outsourced CFO. She holds a master’s degree in accounting and has over 20 years of experience in both accounting and finance, with a personal background in sales. She has spent her career in both public accounting and the corporate world; her specialty is start-ups because she is truly passionate about helping others achieve their dreams. With her dedication to our success, experience in retail and wholesale distribution, and knowledge of cost accounting, we will become more profitable every year.